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Temp/cooling fan issue.

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I have been having a problem with engine temp with the car around town driving. Does fine on the open road. With sitting the heat temp rises to almost red area and the fan came on in the past. Today drove car into town and was great on the road. When got in traffic temp went to red and no cooling fan was noted.

I have replaced the cooling fan temp switch 2 years ago. Checked those connections and they were fine.

Is my cooling fan Bad? or the sensor bad? Have checked all of my fuses.

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What year 9k? The ones with the 2 speed fan and the fan switch mounted in the rad. (91 thru 95? I think) have problems with the wiring to the fan switch connector. The wires are real thin and tend to break in the harness running under the front bumper.
I had the same issue with my 1992 9kt. I tried bypassing the resistor and that didn't help. Ended up being the fan itself.
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