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Tan 9-3 leather interior COMPLETE w/ carpet, all panels

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I torn the complete interior out of the 9-3

I have it on ebay, but I am open to offers, or bid, whatever.

It is in very good shape. The only area of concern is the driver's left bolster has a tear. Little and I think could be tastefully patched or repaired. The rest of the seats are really nice, as is the panels, glove box, a-pillar covers, kick panels, door sills that say saab, etc. All with hardware that I collected removing.

Seats are from a 5 door, all heated and manual.

I do not want to ship if I can help it and I will deliver up to a hundred miles for a tank of gas $40 bucks. I will ship, but you have to pay for everything, which would be like 5 boxes, all big.

I want to get at least $200 as quickly as possible. That is a steal if you either need a replacement seat or what to change the complete interior to leather.

Location is 60 miles east of pittsburgh, pa


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Boy, no interest in this interior at all? I figured with the cheap price PLUS all the panels, it would be gone by now... not even that much interest on ebay, with very few views... surprising to me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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