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T7 ecu

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More or less brand new.

Is loaded with what I believe to be a Stage 3 tune for a 2.3l.

Had it in my Viggen until I decided it was too fast and took it out. Dyno'd at 300ftlbs and 260hp to the wheels.

Would probably go well with the 3.5bar FPR I am also selling.


Pictures if you need them I guess let me know.
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My new (1999) 9-5 has a 2.3L turbo engine. Would it work in my car?

Nevermind, I shouldn't modify my car..... yet.
That I don't remember - worth a look I'm sure the info is out there.
It wont work, its made for the TD04 turbo.
how much for 3.5 fpr and ecu??
sale pending!! also do you have paypal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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