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T5 Gauge troubles

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So Ive got my 89 running on t5 but Im having trouble with getting the tach and temp gauge working. Now Im not sure on whats going on but Im getting 5.+ volts coming out of pin #7 blue wire on the ign amp but no volts coming out of the pin #58 on the t5 connector. It seems to me though that shouldn't it be the other way around? When it comes to temp gauge I dont even know where to start sooo all suggestions are welcomed and TIA. :confused:
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well, the temp guage operates independtly of the T5 harness, check the sensor on the side of the head near the thermor, and make sure the OEM harness is still in place there.

as far as the tack goes, if the ignition amp is unplugged, and the tach wire is connected to pin 7 of the where the amp used to be, then you should be all set.

make sure your not on pin 1, there are both blue and at the end of the plug, if that is not the case, check wireing behind the dash

well it looks like I need to start chasing wires behind the dash because I am connected to pin 7 with no amp....le crap
so ive got the temp gauge working just fine but still no tach. Is there some sort of failure rate on these units? Does this happen or am I facing a wiring issue behind the dash?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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