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T25 or TD04 turbo asap!

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hey guys, my cars is blowing white smoke so i want to replace the turbo. If anyone has a t25, t28, any td04 variant, or anything, let me know. I am looking for a used cheap turbo, but very little shaft play. Please help me out as I don't want to mess the car up. thanks!!
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I have '91-'93 T-25s, but are you sure it isn't a headgasket?
I'm going for the cheaper option first which is the turbo right? And i heard blown seals on a turbo is more common than a blown headgasket?
Why not do some diagnosis?

Is your turbo blown? Does it have any shaft play?

Is the coolant mixed with the oil?
How would i go forth diagnosing the problem? How would I know if the coolant is mixed with the oil?
Pull oil dipstick, and see if the oil is milky looking.

Or less cost effective but easier to notice, drain the oil, and see if it is milky looking.
I just changed the oil to 20/50 so it doesn't seep through seals. Didn't notice any milky appearance. Anyone else get white smoke? or does anyone have a spare turbo laying around? lol
PM me- got turbos in NH
Pm'd you.
i really want a td04 for a reasonable price. anyone have one?
ebay just did
someone outbid me :(
anyone got a spare td04?
anyone got a spare td04?
Yeah but it needs a rebuild lol its a spare thats not working 100 obo
lol nah its cool. i need a working turbo to get my car running well haha.
Have you looked on
Another T-25 here for sale - 70,000 miles - $225 Shipped.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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