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Sunset Rollers, Suby and Dub content

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All untouched. :)
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what are you shooting with?

a couple of those could be good with a little photoshop love. thats about the toughest type of shot to do in low light.
Yeah I know, it's a d3000 I didn't touch the iso settings which i should have because once I figured it out it's currently set to the least sensitive to light setting, still learning to use the digital camera :) also, I plan to try shooting better quality as these are "jpeg normal" I wanna try "jpeg fine" and raw and see what that does for me.
you should really just always shoot in raw, then convert them to whatever quality you want. i would stick with a normal iso, and play with other settings. i dont know what modes the 3000 has, does it have a "p" (program) mode?

ideally, something like a 50mm f/1.4 would do well with the low light.
Mine won't let me get that low of an aperature :( I think those were down in the 3' open as I could get it
Not to mention the light was from behind the cars which doesn't help lol.
The 50mm I was referring to is a lens.

What lens are you using?
Its a 55mm, and the f1.4 you mentioned stands for the aperature you were reccomending, correct?
no, the 50mm f/1.4 is a good low light, indoor typically shooting lense. the 3000 comes with a 50mm kit lens?
The kit i got came with a 55mm lens, just shot some pics in raw today, however theyre tiny and when i resize them they come out shitty, any insight?

edit. nm figured it out
the 1.4 is pricey for canon i know that u can get the 1.8 for a canon for 100 bucks. Everyone says its a good lens to have especially for that price u cant go wrong. I just haven't got around to getting it yet
unfortunately with the d3000 your limited on lenses, since it cant AF with all the nikkor AF lenses. otherwise you could get a 50mm for under 200 bucks.

were you shooting zoomed in or all the way out?

with your setup i would spend the money on photoshop, shoot in raw, and you can easily recover and sharpen them as needed.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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