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Suggestions Please

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Its time for me to freshin up my suspension
Ball Joints
Tracker Arms
Bar links
Anyone have any suggestions on quality brands for these items?

I know that Moog makes a much thicker bar end links than other brands...but thats about drives me crazy that many autoparts dealers online do not mention specific brands and just state OES of AFT
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What are tracker arms? Are they tie rods?

Well I'd start by going to something like advance auto's website and plugging in your car. Moog seems to make a few things for the 9-5. Tie rods are one of them and they apparently make something called a "tie rod bushing kit." Does anyone know what that is? :confused:
Yes tracker arms are more a British term...
Oh yes and I agree with you big time...Advanced Auto Parts is my new favorite over Autozone...they seems to pay more attention to the high end products like Mobile Synthetic ATF which Autozone does not carry in my area...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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