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Subframe to control arm broken welds

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I've been hearing popping noises from the front end for the last 6 months. I replaced the control arms and stanchion bushings, swaybar links, upper strut mounts and strut inserts because they needed to be done anyway after 130,000 miles. Car feels great down the road, just makes a loud popping noise when I turn while going slowly over a large bump, or turning while going slowly up or down a hill. I can feel the pop down by my feet as though it is being transfered through the subframe.

Took the wheels off last night and noticed that the point where the control arm bolts to the subframe has a broken weld on both sides right in front of the control arm. Anyone ever have this issue and could it be causing my noise?


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wow. i've never seen that before...
Meh. I have seen the front part crack on the drivers side of multiple 9-3s with no noises.

Looks like you have a bit more cracks though. It's hard to get my bearings with those pics.
Yeah, it is the front part of the mount that is cracked. There aren't any other cracks though. Guess I'll have to try tightening some subframe bolts and see if that gets rid of my noises.
I've seen a bunch of them like that... All of my 9000's were like that as well. My aunt's 9-3 is like that, my Viggen is like that (maybe not as bad), but yeah... You're not the only one that's for sure. However, I have never had them cause noises.

That popping noise sounds like an axle to me.
I have had rear sub-frame bolts that needed to be torqued up a bit to stop noises.

Also the stanchion arm to control arm bolts loosen. The factory says to over torque those to prevent that. Nick T. sells upgraded bolts with his poly bushing to solve that problem.
My 9-3 has, that, hopefully not the donor parts in the 900se.

How about tie rod ends?
Now I'm gonna have to go check mine tomorrow!
Found out what it is... sort of. Other night it was doing it while sitting in the driveway with the front drivers wheel on a part of the driveway that is slightly higher than the rest. Turning the wheels back and forth a tiny bit was enough to make it pop. It popped once when turning left and then again when turning back right.

I had my wife (with help from 3 year old daughter... yeah, that was helpful:rolleyes:) turn the wheel to make the noise and I listened/felt around. The noise is definitely coming from the drivers side spring... just not sure exactly what part. I had the spring off a month ago to put in the new control arms and it wasn't broken at all. It felt like the lower spring support was flexing when the noise would happen. I do not have the lower spring spacers ( in my car. Guess that might be the next thing to try? Any other thoughts?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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