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Stuck top alternator bolt...

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Heres the deal. I've got an alternator in my 99 93 I need OUT asap to be replaced. Bottom bolt is out, three out of the four bracket bolts are out, tensioner arm and idler pulley are out. The top alternator bolt is rounded out (Damn 8mm hex) and I can't get the last 13mm bolt on the bracket out because I don't own or know of a wrench that I can get in there and turn. I can't drill the top bolt out from either side (no room), I really can't/would prefer not to drill a hole in the two layer wheel well to get at it, and I can't get the black cover off the back of the alternator (I have all three retainer screws and clips off/pried out) because the bracket is holding it there. I'm out of ideas on how to get this thing out. I've got about 2 inches of space for an idea in there, so I appeal to you, TSL community. Let's here 'em.
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I've unbolted the bracket from the block and yanked the whole mess out together "Alt&Bracket", It can be done, Then torch & work the alt Back and forth in the bracket, It takes allot of patients and effort.
You need to get the bracket off the block.

Instead of wrench I would try a 13mm socket to get that last bolt, or a ratcheting wrench depending on which bolt you are talking about. You may be surprised how many shapes a 13 mm wrench can come in, something will work.

Keep at it, you may have to buy some tools, but you can get that bracket off and go from there.
Is it that bolt right up tight to the inner cv that's giving you trouble? That bolt won't (or won't easily) come all the way out with the inner cv still on the center shaft.

Option 1 (preferred): take the rest of the bolts out, loosen that tight one gradually working the whole bracket out as you go. That bracket hangs up on the line up dowels, so you may need to pry on it a bit even after all bolts are loose.

Option 2: drop a ball joint, remove outer joint from hub, separate whole inner joint from center shaft. That whole joint is pressed onto splines on the shaft and will come loose with a hammer. Then you've got all kinds of room
Hey guys. First off let me thank you all for your advice. I found another bolt... so that's 5 on the bracket total. Two on the bottom, two midway, and one on the semi upper top. To get the last one out I removed the oil dipstick all the way down to the pan and the support for the TB/Air intake. Nick I could never see how you'd get a socket on the one that was closest to the dipstick, but I was able to get it out with a box wrench.

Problem now is that the bracket is stuck to the block. If I pry this thing too hard with a flatbar am I going to break the bracket? I'm going to give it another go, tapping it with a hammer, in the morning and see what I get. Thoughts appreciated.
Dowel is way up by the top bolt, just pry between block and bracket way up high
Make that 6 bolts.. and counting...
Would someone mind posting up a pic of an alternator bracket off an OG93?
Success at last. There was a secret bolt. Thanks for all the help guys.
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