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I have just replaced the the low beam headlight bulbs in my 2006 9-3 vert.

The bulbs fit into the holes properly, and the clips seat in the notches and hold the bulbs securely.

The problem happens when I try to reseat the ballasts. I can press them into place, with the four "legs" seating into the headlight housing, but the ballast absolutely will not turn.

If I remove the ballast and seat the bulb into it, the bulb turns and locks in place.

If I replace the ballast without the bulb, it turns and locks easily.

The problem happens when I try to replace the ballast with the bulb already in place.

The bulbs are HID, and the same ones that were in there before.

I have tried putting the bulb in with the ceramics tube facing up and facing down.

What am I doing wrong ?
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