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Strange Hissing Sound when air is on...

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OK, I just can't figure this one out.

There is a gurgling and hissing sound when I make a right-hand turn, from the vents. It only happens when the fan is on, the compressor doesn't have to be on for this to happen. The fan is affected for a moment.

Once in a while, there will be water dripping under the car and then the sound goes away, but it comes back.

I have removed the cabin filter cover under the hood and cleaned out the drain. We saw no water in there at all, and that makes sense, as the water in there wouldn't be affecting the fan, would it?
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I Have Seen the Evaporator Box Drain cause This.. Sounds Like your False Fire wall has Become an Aquarium.. The Insulation In the FAN housing likes to Rot off and Come Flying out of the vents too...
Yes, the insulation has rotted and has been coming out of the vents for quite some time. It's very old/crumbly. I pulled some of it out with some long tweezers. I think this happens frequently...have seen pics of it on different sites.

I think the drain you're mentioning is the one I've checked. The false fire wall is NOT an aquarium; it was/is completely dry. I had to get in there to change the cabin filter.
Any other ideas? I'm afraid I'm going to burn out the fan motor...
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