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Strange dream.

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I was at a skeevy biker bar listening to a talk given by Michio Kaku, following his presentation I inquired with some regular patrons if he was going to be signing afterwords, and then proceded to get in a brawl.
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So the brawl was started why? Who was the smarter between Kaku and Hawking, I'll bet....

Kaku would kick Hawking's ass. But then Hawking has no muscle control, so...
No, he left, I fought with a regular patron because they thought it was stupid of me to ask if he would stay to sign an autograph in the dump of a bar we were in.

I'm pretty sure this was all a dream.
Michio is the man. Love it that there's more cool physics people around again since the passing of Feynman in the 80's.

Not sure I've ever encountered any Asian lounge acts...
I woke up the other morning from a dream where I was on late night with Jimmy Fallon but with a super low budget. I haven't watched that show in weeks...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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