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So i'm pulling out of school, start down a 2 (each direction) lane road. See a metalic orange firebird comin up on me fast.

I manage to patteren traffic better then her and pull ahead. Then at a light we are both making a left she knew that you could make a left from both lanes so she gets ahead of me, only had a single tip exhaust so i'm assuming its a v-6....didn't have a v-8 sound (that and she didn't blow me away in the next part of the story). Again on a 2 lane (each direction), and we start patterning traffic.

finnally we clear traffic, i drop to 3rd change lanes to the right, up to 4th. As i'm rounding out 4th i am passing her and look over-give a smile :D , get a smile in return.......the guy passengering....well i didn't really look at him :wink: . Then i up to 5th and pull ahead. I basically keep pulling, then kept the distance up a nice long hill.

Slowed down at the top of the hill, got in the left turning lane. I had a light so i delayed untill she was close to me. Gave her a wave and thumbs-up out the sunroof. Hope she didn't think it was the finger :oops: .

So i guess I finnaly have one worth typing. I realize it was only a V6, but concider this: I have a bone stock 220K 1989 4 banger and she has like a 2001-ish V6 w/probably less then 30K on it. I am sure i gave her a hell of a surprise.

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