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Steering column play

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Anybody know why I would have play in the steering column on acceleration and deceleration...its not the steering wheel, I can feel a little play via a small thud but not movement in the steering wheel itself...?
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One or both of the trans mounts "If Broken" will transmit a Very strange feeling back through the steering column on the 95. You have to remove the battery tray to get to the top mount on the trans. That might be where your getting that feeling from. Look at the front lower one "under the car" that goes to the subframe too. I've found that one broken also giving very weird driving characteristics.
Good call the torque mount is the cheap metal material they use for these mounts ;)
Found out the bracket that holds the torque mount is broken...anybody know how I can source one of those...? Its the triangle bracket that the ground wire is attached to...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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