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Stage 3+ 9-3 vs Supra TT *videos inside*

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So my friend wanted to race last night I said said, heck why not lol. His family owns a lot of cars including an s550 amg, sl55 amg, e46 m3, tundra, sienna, rdx, the supra, and a 645ci.

First race is from 60mph.
Second race is from 60mph.
Third race is from 65mph

He had 3 people total.
I had 4 people total.

Supra specs:
4" downpipe
3" turboback
SSQV bov

My 9-3:
JZW Stage 3+
3" downpipe
2.5" catback
turbosmart bov

Overall, I am happy with the results. I don't even think you can compare these cars,b ut just raced for fun lol. 3.0 i6 twin turbo vs my 2.0 t25 haha. And when I got home and checked how much hp it had stock, i was surprised. Didn't know it already had 320hp stock haha. so maybe 330-340whp with the mods.


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ha thats awsome I HATE when i go to the weekly rice show and everyone looks at me and says "eww look a SAAB". then i pull out and they all come and look under the hood. Ahhhh good times good times
I have to admit that I thought you were going to get blasted much worse than what actually happened, he didn't run away which is great considering the power potential they possess. Major props for video proof btw!
I love the unique factor we possess with our saabs. I went to a huge meet a couple weeks ago which consisted of hellaflush 240s, evos, stis, skylines, 911s, m3s, vdubs, and much more. Funny thing is, I had the ONLY saab. freakin love it, haha.
Fun fun.
FML I want my car.
Can I borrow your car and race this guys 450whp autotragic EVO X? :p
Nice runs, not sure how he fit someone in the back of the Sup...must have been a midget.
thanks. haha the guy in the back was facing sideways with his legs on the whole seat.
not bad bro. I remeber racing a single big turbo supra(67trim i think) in the 9k when it was healthy and didnt stay anywhere as close as you did lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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