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Spring Dimension Help PLEASE!!!

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So I am going the route of getting custom race springs for my autocross setup. I am going to corner weight the car this week, and do all the calculations for spring length, etc.

What I am MISSING are the spring dimensions. I only have one set of springs and they are on the car. I am looking for Koni FRONT dimensions, but I guess the stock ones could work too.

On this spring:

I need the widths and lengths of the spring. I also need any changes in width along the spring. I am going to be giving these to a race company to make me some, so any help would be great PLEASE.

Since the springs are progressive, how would I calculate the rate that is applied when trying to figure out force to get ride height? The new springs will be linear, but to try and figure out how long of a spring to get, I would need to compare it to the ride height of the Koni in the car.

Could I call Koni and get this data from them?

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