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Specific exhaust question- 8V N/A

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I have been contemplating improving the exhaust note on my '83 900 lately. Since there's really nothing to be gained from it performance wise, I just want it to look and sound cool. I came up with a couple of cheap options-

1.) Go to an exhaust shop and remove current stock (like new) cat back and replace with resonator and straight pipe all the way back to a period correct tip. This would run relatively inexpensive, and probably sound rather good. I still need to get a quote for price.

2.) I read once somewhere on later c900's that putting a turbo exhaust on a non turbo car makes it sound a little nicer. Is that true? If so, could I just buy a turbo 8V muffler and swap it with my N/A? This would be cheaper than option 1, and I could do it in my driveway in very little time.

Thoughts? If option 2 is feasible, would the mid pipe and tail pipe be left alone or is there a diameter difference on the turbo system? I know the flange bolt after the cat is 3 v. 4.
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zach put a turbo exhaust on his 91 winter beater but keep in mind that was a 2.1 16v motor
Yeah. Search brought up that thread and a decent sound clip.

If I went with option 2 I was wondering if the 8V turbo muffler would make a sound difference and if it would clamp right in the existing place of the non turbo muffler. Not sure if the mid pipe and tail pipe were different diameters on the turbo vs. non turbo muffler. At that point I would just go the custom route.

I'm looking for cheap and quick :rolleyes:
eeuro lists it's non turbo exhaust pieces as just for the non turbo which tells me that you have to redo the whole exhaust to have the turbo muffler. If I where you Id just go the custom route
What did you end up doing here, and do you have a sound clip?
I didn't end up doing anything, unfortunately. :icon_frown: My resources went elsewhere and I sold my '96 900 to help fund a new daily driver. I was lucky that I got to hang onto this Saab! Exhaust is still on my mind, but it probably won't be until after winter.
My 8v will need an exhaust soon, I checked Skandix here in Germany and they have a Simons mild steel sport exhaust for around $230. It's a cat back, but my car has no cat, so I'll have to fab the connection from the downpipe to the start of the exhaust. Another option is to go for a single muffler, no resonator exhaust. The problem is that here in Germany no shop will just fabricate an exhaust because they have to be TÜV certified. The only shops that do that will do it to race cars only. My car is TÜV exempt however (US Army), but they don't care.
My '83 does not have a resonator or cat. Just a single muffler. I guess the system was replaced by the original owner shortly before selling it to me with some kind of Bosal system. Not sure the exact specs, but it seems to be a B-pipe (straight pipe), muffler, and rear pipe/tip. I was just going to replace the muffler when the time comes...
To be honest, it has a nice note now (I hear Bosal systems can run a little loud anyways) but I'd like to try something different when the time comes.

Sounds like you have a resonator?
I have two resonators and a muffler. VERY quiet exhaust. All I hear on my car is mechanical lifters, intake and the CIS fuel distributor.
The turbo exhausts on an N/A are louder, and will bolt right onto the back of the cat or the intermediate pipe. The tubing is slightly larger diameter too. Co-worker has a '94 900S convertible and we put JK88's old Starla turbo exhaust on it, it sounds great.
8v and 16v exhausts are mainly exchangable, but keep in mind, that 16v is of better design, more freely flowing with diagonal muffler, not T-style.

I had a 99 winter beater with B201 carb. I fabbed an straight-thru exhaust of original diameter, it consisted of two small resonators (cherry-bomb style) - one before the rear axle and one after. Believe or not - the engine started to finally breathe after this modification. Also, the low-rpm drive-ability improved ;)

Here You can see a little of it :)

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^ Got a sound clip or video of that thing?

The current exhaust on mine doesn't have the T-style muffler, just two resonators (one before and one after muffler), and the diagonal muffler.
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