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spark plugs

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hey guys, I'm going to change the spark plugs and wires in my c900 n/a on saturday. I was wondering what kind would be best for performance? NKG if I remember the name right I've heard are good, or can I just get normal ones like Napa or Duralast and do they make a difference performance wise? How much are a new set of wires gonna cost me and what kind should I get? It probably doesn't need wires but I might as well do them, not a big job and I don't think it will cost that much. Should I gap them to 30/1000's? That's what I gap all my small engine spark plugs to on my lawnmowers/gokarts and stuff like that, small Briggs/Techumseh/Kolher engines. Thanks
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so I can't just enter a card # from one of those prepaid debit cards on the website and order it? I have to sign up for a paypal?
no i was saying they take paypal, too. no credit/debit card necessary, as far as i know. just a checking acct. you'll need the bank's routing # and your full account number when signing up.
I was thinking about getting a prepaid debit card anyway for other things so I'll just use that probably
I was looking in my Bentley about doing to timing. Where is the clutch cover? It's not a manual transmission but the timing marks are in the same place on the fly wheel right? Is there a cover towards the front of the engine so I can see the marks?

where is it located on this engine, I can't tell by the picture in the Bentley:
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