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1981 8v c900 sedan, 1990 2.0 9k carlsson, 1992 21 c900 sedan
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Hi folks,

A few months ago I bought a nice set of Shelby wheels which are going to have tyres fitted soon once this year's tax refund cheque arrives (!), but I don't have any proper wheel centres for them. I've got some nice spinners made by the guy who sold me the wheels (hi Lance from Hawaii if you are reading!), and they're great, but I'd like to try and find some of the proper wheel centres if possible. I can then try both and see what I think suits the car better.

PS. Yesterday when driving to a hardware store to get some more supplies for the rust and paintwork repairs on my car I saw a restored VW wearing some Ronal Minilites and they look great. My set is painted black with just the outsite rims (where the tyres go) unpainted... They'll look great to replace the standard steel wheels.

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