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this part looks to me like a perfect replacement for the sonett master can get the remote reservoirs for it easy.i,m getting ready to replace the hydraulics in the sonett. my master has some pitting on the walls but i rebuilt it anyway,it might work but now that i found this part i,m rethinking what i will do .mounting flange should be the same and the brass fittings from the sonett stand a good chance of fitting as well or i could convert them.the length could be a problem.i should be able to retain the split system or convert to this type,just swap one front line for one rear.120 dollars is not too big of a risk.if i go this route ill post how it fits.any other suggestions for brake master replacement ?
i have an "AP racing" 5/8 clutch master cylinder[ebay 30.00] without the built in reservoir. fits perfect.[ill post photos as soon as my camera battery is charged].

Wilwood Tandem Master Cylinder 5/16"-24 Pushrod - 50/50 - eBay (item 130467132673 end time Jan-17-11 18:42:48 PST)
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