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Some Parts for 900se

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I have,

Roof Rack - $80.00 From Genuine Saab
Head Light Whippers Both Side - $30.00
Stock Radio - $10.00
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Is the roof rack for a 3 or 5 door? If for a 3 door then I want it.
I think you are in the wrong forum. You need to post in the items for sale. Also if these items are from your 1996 900 se you need to be in the NG900 forums
Thread moved to the for sale section!

Has the radio been Divorced via a Tech 2? - for those who may be interested.
First the roof rack was 75 dollars, and I said I would buy it. Then when questioned if it was 3 or 5 door, or anything about it, he creates another thread, with no more info, but a higher price tag.

5 door and I am interested.
Please respond with pictures, details and actual price you want for the items you have listed above. If not - this thread will be locked. Thank You For Following The Rules!
well he only has 2 post and he comes in trying to sell stuff. suspicious :0
well he only has 2 post and he comes in trying to sell stuff. suspicious :0
That and he posts the same thing twice but never replies the questions about the product for sale. His name is boosted4door but his signature shows a 2 door... :confused:
It is for a 4 door ill get some pictures up asap sorrry to everyone.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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