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SOLD: 9000 Aero Kit - Whole or Parts

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I have a complete 9000 Aero kit which I had gathered up for my 1995 - but ended up finding one already in black (which made more sense)
What I have is a few diffrent OEM Saab colors - but a complete kit.
Willing to try and ship, however shipping would suck on most of it due to size... pick-up or meeting preferred.

Front Bumper and Side Skirts are Le-Manns Blue
Rear Bumper is Eucalyptus Green
Arches are Scarab Green.

No Lower Lip Spoiler or Trunk Spoiler

Asking $300 for the entire kit - it is all in good shape as I mentioned.

Extra $$ needed if I need to drive any further then 50 miles to meet up

Willing to separate to sell.

Front Bumper - Skin only - $75
Rear Bumer (compelete) - $150
Side Skirts - $50 each
Arches - all 4 - $80

Willing to consider trades.

Any OEM Accessories for a 1986 9000, 2001 9-5 Wagon, 1995 9000, 1973 95
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Bump - also, if anyone has the ubber duber rare wrap around spoiler for an OG 9000 - I would consider that as partial trade :)

Saab 9000CC (1985-1992)
Full wrap-around rear rubber spoiler 1985 only

Saab 9-5 SportCombi (2000-
Rear Roof Spoiler

Silver Car - color doesn't matter however
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6AM Monday Bump
7:15AM Tuesday Post Holiday Bump
No-one needs 9000 Aero kit parts... really? How about this - Pick it all up this week, and I'll help you load it up, I'll toss in a 6-pack of PBR (chilled) and I'll take $280 for everything! Offer valid until Midnight Sunday September 26th 2010!

*You Have Until 11-6-2010 To Redeem this Promotion Price!*

For an additional $120 I can get a lower Scarab Green Valance and Rear Trunk Spoiler to complete the kit!
Bump - make offers! I want this gone as much as you want it! (given you are looking at this because you want these parts)
$225 and its Sold. You want Pay pall or Cash? I can come and get it After sunday. Mon-tues etc. send me your adress
$225 and its Sold. You want Pay pall or Cash? I can come and get it After sunday. Mon-tues etc. send me your adress
Or Anything you need i have for trade. We can split it up cash & trade. I got tons of stuff.
I sent you a PM Harvey! we should be able to work a deal out
:SALE PENDING: May be picked up today!
SOLD and Picked up - entire kit sold to Harvey's Autohaus, and was picked up today. Thanks again - it was nice meeting you finally, even though it was brief.

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