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SOC photos?

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Is there no interweb in Ohio? Or, did SOC 2010 implode? I expected to see something by now!
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I'm in the process of uploading. Should get around to posting some shortly.
I'll upload some pics from my iphone to my bucket.... i'll post links soon, i'm coming down from the high of talking to Victor Muller and Jon Ake Jonsson
Thank you!
geez...looks like every car but nick t's car was bone stock
All these were shot on my phone so they aren't all the best, but it gives a good idea of what went on, i have more i just have to upload them.

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Wow, that new 9-5 is better looking than i had originally thought. The windshield/pillars/window lines are KILLER. Looks amazing. Nice pics!
Yeah it truly is a stunning car, much more so when you see it on the road (and drive it) or IRL rather, not just on the web or @ a car show. When it was driving away i really saw some of the vintage tear drop cars in it, although very subtle, it was evident. Thanks for the compliments on the pics too. :)

If anyone has the opportunity to drive a new 9-5, it really is a fantastic car. I would compare it most to an Audi as far as the ride, its firm, but very nice. They still don't have it quite down like BMW does (yeah i said it, please don't flame me) but its very good. Having driven the new 5 series, i'd say the BMW is still a little better dynamically, but it was a RWD model, the points the 9-5 scores for originality and equipment level @ the price point, give it my vote, i have a feeling the '11 models will have some more posh interior options, like some sort of wood or carbon treatment for the dash.
Thanks for posting those pics, Chonny.
Thanks for posting those pics, Chonny.
Sure thing Jacob.
great pics... the spyker was actually in the 4th of july parade in my home town & at the local dealership for a while.

LOL at the official business thingy in the window, I have one of those. Saves a but of money with parking :)

Keep the pics coming!!!
geez...looks like every car but nick t's car was bone stock
Yeah even the v8 c900 was bone stock *
eh thats just pauls car it doesnt count, seen it 1000 times.
how did the v8 c900 do out there?
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