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So I put the new used brake booster in and my brakes feel different...

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...Old one did not have a drop of oil in it, so I have no idea why it decided to up and die.

But with the one i put in, the pedal seems to stick a tiny bit and doesnt always spring back to original position. There also feels like theres a little bit of a dead spot from when the pedal is all the way up to pressed down a little bit. Is this something that I can adjust with the booster itself or new fact of life for my car?
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it sounds like you don't have the "Clip/spring" that holds the pedal rod to the booster rod in correctly.
How would one put it in "wrong"

Putting in a rod through two holes and a clip on the other side isn't rocket science really...(tho taking it out was challenging!)
I just realized you meant the other bigger spring. I definitely forgot to put it back. But i looked and I can't find it anymore :(
I don't get why one would waste their time installing a USED brake booster? They are not that expensive anymore to buy new from eeuroparts - and they are OEM - just not in a Saab box.... If you lost that clip - you best hit up a junk yard and get two (spares are something you need around)
I knock boosters out in about 3 hours with hand tools - they are not fun on the newer 9-5's however - those are a PITA since you have to bleed the brakes when done.
Well for what its worth, the booster works great. The rest of my car has decoded to fall apart tho. More on that later in another thread though, after i do the appropriate code pulling and under the hood checks.
rawr. I can't find where the spring is supposed to be attached even. To either end. Definately not gonna find it that way :(

Does anyone have a picture handy? :D
OK I got the bugger, but I'm not sure if I attached it to the right place. The brake pedal is better but still sticks sometimes. I wonder if I should crank out the arm on the brake booster a little to make it longer....

but in the meantime, pics of how I left the spring, is this right?


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Why are you messing around down there in the first place? I've never had to go into the car to change a brake booster in a 9-3 or 9-5
My friend took it off by accident :)
Bump guys I almost got stranded because i got out of the car, locked up, and saw the brake lights were still on. If i had left I prolly woulda had a deaf battery
OK noone seems to know about the spring so i'll just lengthen the rod, that should work right?! Especially since the pedal has a lot of slack before it even starts braking.
Do I need to take out the booster to adjust the rod length?
h....e....l....ppppp.....? :(
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