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so I got a question

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Hi I own a 2001 Saab viggen now I asked about a clicking noise and I was told it was a tranny mount so I went and got a Gs tranny mount and it is quiter but its still there. so my question is this when u change gears from. 1-2-3 is it normal to hear a clicking or kind of gear meshing sound when shifting?
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so do u think it is a mount or a tranny?
If your hearing a "gear meshing sound" when shifting. That is not normal lol. Check linkage and fluid level. As for "Clunking" type noise, I would go for either suspension is going bad and causing your car to make crazy noises.
Hard to say, but since you replaced the tranny mount and it didn't fix the issue, then it's not that. While under the car did you check the engine mounts, but I really doubt it's that. Can you explain a little better what the sound compares to, and when it actually happens? Can you feel it in the shifter, if so how does it shift? Is it hard to go into gears, if so try aligning the shifer as it might be this easy??
Do you hear/feel it all the time, or is it only those gears? Does it make any dif as to how you shift-slow/fast.
well u can't feel it threw the shifter and like u cant feel the motor fly around under the hood. and it seems to do it when u shift at low speed and low rpm. as well as if u have the clutch right to the floor and let off it quite quick. if u so genital or easy u wont hear it. im use to mu Toyota supra it use to click in reverse and it was noisy when shifting so i was wondering if this car is like the Supra with a aggressive gearing?. (The supra got OWND one night out side of my place when a drunk driver decided to take a short cut threw my front lawn with there chevy (crap) trail blazer R.I.P supra) but i seen the Viggen and it caught my eye i really love this car (now it sits in a garage safe!) but its a good car and i just wanna make sure its ok u know. thanks for the input guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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