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I just replaced the turbo do to shaft play and smoke, checked compression and there's no oil in the coolant or vice versa... No leaks. I started it up and it's smoking!
I've got a new pcv valve coming tomorrow so that's not hooked up but other than that everything is tight and right. It idles fine and when I slightly rev it, it has a throaty little growel from the motor.
Smoke is whitish but it smells like burning oil. It's coming from right around the turbo as well as out the exhaust.
What else could this possibly be? How do I check and am I just SOL at this point. I can't afford to be without a car anymore and I'm now pretty broke.
Thx for the help, Mike
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Never mind on the smoking... 15 min and a short drive and it's gone. I guess patience is a virtue. I was just really nervous something else might be wrong. lol
To the moderator, You can erase this post if you like. thx
Its all just sealant/crap thats burning off after the first start up.
That's what I had figured. I had let it run for 10 min before I posted and then I went back out and drove it for another 5 or so and it was gone. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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