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All righty.

Since last time it was a success, i mean, place is pretty easy to find, there're enough parking lots to gather and talk and take pics, and six flags is very very fun place, i say we do it again.

I hope more people will show up this time tho'.

Anyway, the date is going to be July 31 (saturday). In case it's going to rain pretty bad we can postpone it for a week or so.

Cause the only place i know address of that we could meet is Cooks In Kitchen restaurant at 1668 main st. Agawam, MA, that'll be the place, unless someone has better.

Good time to meet would be like last time at 11 AM, we can meet, drive to some good parking spot take pics, socialize, whatever, then when feel like it get into the park.

I recommend using over Mapquest, to get directions.

Anyway, that's about it, post here if you have suggestions or concerns.
btw sign up

1. Tim aka Lionsgraphics.
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