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sid display fix

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my 900 sid display randomly flashes on and off very quickly like it lost power and then regained it. almost like it has a short in it. also none of the info displays work. they just read 0 only my time and warnings work like check brake lights and brake light failure. no mpg no distance til empty nothing. hasnt worked since it go the car. some times it will read something crazy like 79 or 99 mpgs, which would kinda be nice if it were true :cool:
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I see you live in RI...this yard does not source these in the computer and charges 25 dollars for a unit...there are quite a few there...ask them to let you test it in your car and bring it back in if it does not least you will know if that is the problem.
Sweet thanks man I didn't know that place was so close
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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