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should i drive or get it shipped 33hr drive

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ok soo my viggen is back home in Lowell, ma but i haven't had it in almost a year but the only thing is that im stationed down here in San. Angelo tx. it is a 33 hour drive without stops. Its not that i dont trust the viggen to make it 2000 miles but i dont know if i cant trust it 2000 miles straight.? what should i do get over my fear of me being stranded and drive it or should i ship it......? if so what are some helpful tips for both ideas?

-thanx again guys for the help
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Pay some one local to drive it down to you.

I wouldnt mind driving to texas....
i totally agree but unless i know the person very well its hard for me to let someone drive my car.. i had a couple issues letting ppl drive my cars and returning them in VERY bad shape. but i guess it is a option. how much do ppl charge for something like that?
Figure out the cost to drive it. Then figure out the cost to ship it.
its about $860 to ship it (thats the best quote ive got) and it will be like less than half that to drive) but is breaking down half way there worth the money...thats my big issue
you should be fine, but depending on your paygrade thats close to 2 weeks pay to get the car shipped down.

I'd prolly take a plane home, visit the family and drive it back... I'd reccommend getting a basic tuneup done before hand though. an Oil Pressure check as well.
Yes it is a huge amount of money I want planing on spending but I'm going crazy without my car.but the flight home and then driving it back could be a good plan ill just need a saab tech on call haha
I have driven two different '96 900 to Minnesota from Vermont—1,000 miles—in frigid winter temps and mid summer. I usually do it twice a year and I have never had a problem other than a flat and flooding it at -20. One car had 200,000 miles on it and I paid $300 for. I've been doing it for 6-7 years and the only times I needed a tow where 4 miles from home, a pulley and the ignition. Both, I should have fixed earlier.

I think that if it is going to break down it isn't because of the length of the trip. And the type of failures aren't going to be found by a tune-up. Assuming your car is an average car.
If you are really worried, look into getting AAA and one of their packages that offers lengthy tows.
Think of it as an adventure. If it was me, I'd drive it for you for return transportation costs plus one or two nights at Motel 6 and $300. Problem with flights though is they are more expensive to buy tix at short notice. So that is the same as the cost of transporting it.
If you have someone do it, you should be able to get info from their insurance company—given approval—and maybe work references and the like.

The other option would be to sell it and buy a car where you are. Might come out ahead if you figure in the $800.

You should drive it. There are worse things than being stranded by the side of the road.

I'd offer to do it but Texas isn't a place I'm interested in traveling to in the summer.

Come on drive it. Beats a tour overseas.
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Drive it. Even though this is not the same, I drove my 1997 900 S to my college and back many many many times, through winter storms, through 95 degree scorchers. Granted it is only 150 miles, I did complete the journey many many a time, without a single hiccup (knock on wood). I also drove 400 miles with her once without an issue. That car also had 170k-190k during these journeys.

Like wayfarer said, think of it as an adventure. I would drive a viggen 2000 miles in a heartbeat. I don't know how mechanically inclined you are, but if you bring a tool kit, you can handle most roadside repairs fairly easily. If you are really worried, bring a tool kit, some spare parts that could trouble you (fuel pump, dic, relays, exct), bring lots of fluids (coolant, oil, WATER, exct), and you should be fine.

Do it, take pictures, make a thread, and show us.
I'd ship it as I wouldn't want to drive that far or long in anything. $800 is a good deal considering a flight, gas, tolls, motel, etc would cost a pretty penny. 33hrs is just way too long.......
I like the idea of flying and driving back so I say drive it but break it down into a 2-3 day trip. Motels are cheap, you don't need anything fancy. Some sheets, pillows and a comforter for good measure. Hell drop the seats down in the back and sleep in the hatch. I'v done that many times.
When it comes down to it, you need to decide on cost vs. mileage/hassle. I have done both options with my low mileage ng900. I will go through my experiences with both options to give you some insight into what each entails.

Driving: me and my dad drove my then 20,000 mile ng900 up from Daytona Beach FL up to Greenwich CT in 2004 and had no real problems apart from a small oil leak that developed for some unknown reason. It was about 1,200 miles and was not too bad because we split the driving into 2 stretches by staying a night at the worlds worst Holiday Inn. That said, I thought the trip wasn't unbearable but it is not 2,000+ miles.

Shipping the Car: I recently moved to California and there was no way I would ever drive the 3,200 miles. I got my car shipped in the front position of an enclosed car transporter and cost roughly $2.5k and my car arrived a complete mess with damage on the paint and wheels. An open trailer would have cost a thousand but you are still exposing your car to 2,000 miles of grime and other nasties on the road. I was not happy as it was a professional and reputable car agency I used.

I would most likely prefer using a transporter because I frankly do not trust my car to take me any appreciable distance without breaking down but it also costs a nice chunk of change so that is a consideration. You also get more of an experience with a road trip and the car was meant to be driven!
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I've easily driven that far in my old Tally when I had it. Never doubted it for a minute.
I drove from Florida to NJ twice a month for a year. I used to drive straight through only stopping for gas.
I drove the Viggen 1600 very abusive miles a week after I got it. It was only after I returned that I found everything that was causing it to run poorly. If my car could survive that beating in shit condition, any car can make a simple easy drive.
if it's going to break it's going to break be it the drive to TX or once it's shipped to TX. Just give it a tuneup & bring a extra T7 DI & you should be fine.

I would drive it back & take your time..... make it a short vacation
drive it.... my saab 9k at stage 4 level made the trip from wyoming to maine, about 2400 one way with no issues, and it only cost me i think 450 bucks total to get that car home
i drove my 01 9-3 with 222k about 1800 mile with no prob
going down straight is better than drive in town with the stop and go...
i say u be ok driving down
i think thats what im going to DO IM GUNNA drive it! thanx guys for all your help i think i should be doing this sometime is aug :)
Stop by if you make it through southwest Missouri.

Have a safe drive.
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