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Shit help!!!!!!!!!

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So I had the car towed to AAMCO for a transmission issue again *sigh* well the asshole towing company managed to smash the oil pan off the ground and destroy it. There telling me its my issue. Well no matter what I need a pan. Its a 97 900SE Turbo. 4banger. If you happen to have one and can have it over nighted to AAMCO down here email me with the price.
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got one shipped, does it need a gasket or can i use epoxy on it?
The hassle it would take for you to get them to pay you for it is not worth the cost of a pan. You did the right thing with just sucking it up. I cringe when thinking about having my car towed if I am not around to supervise it.
swear I remember reading something previously about towing saabs and AAA, they insist (their rules) to tow from the rear wheels, b/c towing from the front almost always results in a cracked oil pan.

I'm guessing they towed from the front wheels? I'd look into this a bit further if it were me. u never know, maybe you can get the towers to pay for it.
We have one company locally we use. Had quite a few oil pans killed over the years by the others. Even the good ones hit the wrong pothole sometimes. The towing company is responsible. Should be quite easy to tell if the pan damage was a lift or wrecker etc.
Whenever I get towed, I request a rollback. With these I have never had an issue. I usually help secure it too/check to see where they are securing it to be sure no damage is done. Then again I have never been towed due to parking in the wrong places or whatnot.
See this is the f*ed part. He did tow it with a roll back on Sunday night. It didnt get there until this mourning. I was already at work. The chick at the garage called me n was like ummm Mike, your oil pan is cracked really badly. I called the ASSHOLE towing company (that took 2 hours to arrive in 110 heat index), they told me that it isnt there problem and that AAMCO did it. I called AllState Motor club and some dude in India told me that it is the towing companies issue. Im not sure what happened with the car but this blows.
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