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Shifter issue...

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A co worker of mine lost 1-2-R on his 9-5 today. He says there is a bunch of shifter slop too, and it does not spring to nuetral like normal.

I had this issue in my 9-3 once, but I don't remeber how I fixed it, as it was 4+ years ago.

I am going out to look at it with him over lunch. Any tips?
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What year? there was a problem with the early ones that is only fixable with a rebuild -There is a kit available...
Pretty sure it's a 2002.
Is it a 5 spd?

If the 9-5's are anything like the 9k, my guess is the shift coupler right behind the trans is shot.
It is a 5 speed, yes.

I was either thinking that, or I think Guru had something like this happen to her car. I think.
Try putting into gears manually under hood to rule out anything internal. Otherwise seems like other posts here are great places to start?
if its anything like the NGs/9-3s, it sounds like the shifter rod that extends from the inside housing to the linkage has loosened. I remember its secured to the linkage by a clamp. could've loosened and rotated one way or another
The guys shop is telling him that it's a peice of plastic that holds the linkage in place.

Do you have to pull the dash/console to get at it?

They are telling him $450 installed.
It would either be a ring retainer type piece on the shfter assembly right under the shift boot, or it would be the linkage on the firewall side of the transmission itself.

I have not checked out a 9-5 linkage assembly and "piece of plastic" is non-descript enough that coupled with my not knowing the ins and outs of a 9-5 linkange that it would be a shot in the dark as far as what piece is most likely to fail.
I pulled the shift boot, and everything looks fine, and there is no slop related to the shifter itself, if that makes sense.
I pulled the shift boot, and everything looks fine, and there is no slop related to the shifter itself, if that makes sense.
Makes perfect sense!

In that case, I would need to see a diagram of the linkage setup for a 9-5 to understand how involved this would be...I looked and would not find (I don't have WIS). If someone were to have a copy of WIS they should be able to open it up and see how involved of a job the linkage is.

What place did the coworker take it to? If the linkage is anything like the 9-3 they could be quoting to replace the whole thing, wich might cost a bit...

I hear much more about linkage failure on older ng900s, not heard much on the 9-5.
Yeah, I thought it was odd too.

He's going ahead with it.

He heard a nice "snap", thne he lost 3 gears, so someting being actually broken makes sense.

he went to an import shop in uptown. Said there were a few saabs in the lot, so that's a good sign.
Try pushing down on the shifter in neutral with some weight.
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