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Hi, SAABers~

Last week my (automatic) gear selector got to feel suddenly mushy, with too much play when in 'D' position. Apparently this is a common failure in the bushing where the cable attaches to the neutral safety switch - on many other cars besides mine, it turns out). When my SAAB tech. told me it was a very expensive cable (way over $100), and replacing it was a big job, I searched the SAAB sites and forums, and found talk of a bushing fix, but nobody had reported back on whether they worked or not. There are a few brass kits on ebay, but at $80.00 seemed a little steep for what they are, and seem to be a copy of what someone in the UK came up with. Here in the US, there is a company called,
I fixed my 2000 model 9-5 in less than 5 minutes with just pair of pliers (I didn't have to remove the battery box to gain access to the cable bushing). There's a video on the site that shows how to install it, too. The total cost shipped was right at $30.00 - shipped from Florida, it only took 3 days to arrive in CA. Needless to say, I am feeling rather pleased with myself, but I also want to spread the good word on this cheap, permanent solution. Don't replace the cable, just get the kit. If you don't think you're up to installing it, I'm sure your mechanic will do it for very little cost.
*I have no financial interest in nor affiliation with the product or the company.
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