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Wheels: Four 15" steel wheels, Volvo bolt pattern, 5x108, but bolt up perfectly on 5x110. I've been running them on my car for the past couple of winters.

Tires: All four are size 195/65/15. Two are Gislaved Nordfrost 3 which have about 6/32-7/32" remaining. This is just about 50% tread remaining, as brand new, these tires have 12/32" tread depth.

The other two tires are General Altimax Arctic which have the exact same tread design as the Gislaved (I've been told that the tires are exactly the same, just made in different factories). The General tires are practically brand new and have only been on the car for a month. All tires were just balanced last month so they are all set to go.

I don't plan on having this car next winter so I am selling my winter wheels and tires now. I don't need/want them taking up space over the summer. They're on my car right now, but will be off within the next week.

Price: $300 firm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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