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seriously thinking about ugly driving lights

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so i have these ugly long distance pencil beam driving lights. i bought them a long while ago and just found them. i hate not being able to see where i'm going at night. the problem is that i can't come up with anywhere on the bumper to put them that they don't look insanely awful. other than replacing the fog lights. and putting them in that spot. any ideas. either to do something so that the high beams actually shine far enough down the road or something or an alternate place to put them. i don't really want to put them in the bumper opening to block the already limited airflow
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do you have a day time picture. it's kind of hard to tell what is going on there other that they're next to the dog lights somehow. did you cut into the bumper to make a space or is there a bigger opening on the vig bumper by the fog lights. or are they mounted to the front of the bumper. i was thinking about putting them just sticking out where the front plate would go but that seemed like it would look extra dumb.
As I said, thats the old convertible. I popped out the filler panels next to the fogs, cut out the slats, mounted the lights, meshed over them to match the grille, and stuck them back in.

The Viggen does not have spare lights, though Im about to make a rally style light bar for my trip to West Virginia next week.
^ why do you post everything twice?
i hate not being able to see where i'm going at night.
Try working with the two adjustments on each headlight housing. The big grey knob is the horizontal adjustment and the allen screw adjustment is for up and down positioning of the beam. I thinks it's 6mm. Make sure the bulbs were not installed incorrectly. Those three things make a huge difference.
I recently bought a 9-3 and I don't know how they drove it in the dark. The D/S was focused on the ground 10 feet in front of the car The P/S was up in the air and off in the woods.
It's something that some people don't think about. Then there's some who adjust their low beams to be like high beams. Even if they don't have HID's, they temporarily blind the oncoming drivers. I'm sure it's happened to all of us. It's like, DUDE, Really.
Just park in front of a garage door or something, adjust, then test drive. Good Luck.
I believe that there are 3 things that you can do to improve the output of your headlights:

1) Take the lense off and clean the inside of the glass with a high quality glass cleaner

2) Upgrade your bulbs. The difference my PIAA Xtreme White plus made a huge change

3) Make sure your aim is not too low like Bob suggested
One thing I did that made driving so much nicer was put HIDs in the fog lights. - I had to retrofit them, but they looked cool and they were really much brighter without blinding people cause they are lower. I know you can buy an adapter for the bulbs then retrofit so it looks like factory, while having brighter driving ights.

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^ why do you post everything twice?
I didnt. In fact, the last time I was in this thread there was only one of each.
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