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Seat wiring for both power and non power seats

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I'm installing SE seats into my 9-3 to replace the factory fabric non-power seats.

Would anyone with a copy of the WIS or other program be able to supply a copy of wiring diagram for both the powered and non powered seats? It would make it easier to know what wires are currently on the carside harness, and see what I need to add for the power seats. I know I need at least a power feed, but I know there are some connections to car bus. I had a copy of the Mitchell manual, but right now I can't find the CD.

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I don't know of where to find a wiring diagram, but wouldn't it work out to use a wiring harness from a power'ed seat? I am talking about the wiring harness that runs along the floorboard to the from of the car / dash. I was going to do this method when putting powered 9-3 seats into my NG before deciding to skin the seats and custom them myself. I have a wiring loom for the driver's side if you need it, but I am sure you could DIY some wires together and make it work with a proper diagram.

Best of luck.
Thanks. I'm not quite sure if that wiring swap is worth the effort. I know the terminals aren't in the fuse panel, so I think most of the vehicle harness would have to be swapped to get it to work. I think the main thing they are missing is the power feeds, which is why I was going the route of just modifying the current wiring. I may not even bother with the bus wiring, if they really aren't necessary.

Do a search for member "ERP" and "Viggen Seats"
^ stickies are good yes
dondandd Let me know if you wanna sell the non power seat bases.
Thanks Tweek, I had seen the posting by ERP before. I guess I was hoping to fins out what some of those ?? wires were. I'll let you know about the seats, because I will definitely want to get rid of them. Just gotta figure out the wiring!

Sorry to bump an old thread but figured it would be better than makin a new thread. It's alil off topic but are the mounting brackets the same for a NG900 and a 9-3 and more importantly are those the same or different than a 1995 9000?
they weren't in my 1996 ng900se and 1999 9-3 base
None of those 3 have the same pattern. ng 900 seats don't fit anything other than ng 900s. 9000 bolt pattern is actually wider than the 9-3, could make some brackets and make them fit though. I had 9-5 seats in my last c900(same pattern as 9k)
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