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Scrabe Green CS Hatch

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looking for a non-rear spioler SC hatch w/ no rust. I know its a shot but has anyone seen one in a bone yard in southern New England?
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I have an Aero one on the parts car - price is right - come and get it swap it onto yours if you want and leave your "bad" one behind even. Will include spoiler/wiper and all hardware for $75! You can even take the shocks too.
I have one also. It did, however, have a spoiler. I don't think I can compete with BurnSide42s price though.
I need one with out the holes. mine aero hatch in excellent shape. Im mounting a bridge spoiler, thanks though guys
Matt, you could always have the holes welded/filled and the hatch repainted. I think thats what abdukted did for the Aero spoiler on his old 9-3.

You could try Goldwing for a CS spoiler...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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