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SCD convoy from maine/nh......

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anyone from Maine/ NH going to SCD convoying?
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Hey Peter,
Going to be down in Foxboro on Saturday already for Rev game.
I saw ChrisCam @ Apple yesterday and he said he was attending...?Maybe.
portland meet up then portsmouth, etc..
i know im not the only one coming from ME/NH = )
JP and crowd @ Lewis???
Ryan Emge is in DC for work. I'm thinking...Nick in Orono??
The earlier date has freaked people out w/ school and work schedules.
yaaaa....note to organizers...dont do it the day before us young ppl have to get back to school and if not for the college kids think of the saab nut parents who have to miss it...which is why im liking that Carl is doing SCD 2 in the fall..
wow, not many responses here... I am heading down from York. I would be happy to meet up if there is any kind of convoy going down.
i know its abit strange but Carl has put together a route....

For those trekking southbound to SCD from Maine or from the Seacoast of NH, we are assembling at the I-95 "Safety Rest Area" Liquor Store just south of the Hampton Toll barrier for a 7:30am SHARP departure.

The route from this point will follow I-95 southbound into Peabody, MA where it merges into 128. We will continue on 128 until we reach Route 9 in Newton, MA. Route 9 Eastbound will bring us into Brookline.
just for curiosity what time does SCD start? 7:30 in hampton seems awfully early to me, considering from there it is probably just over an hour to brookline. I feel like in the past it usually started around 10? Just wondering, it is after all sunday, and while I would like to get a jump and get down there towards the beginning of things, waking up at 6:30 for a car show seems a bit ridiculous to me.

As much as I would love a caravan down, maybe I will just see everyone there.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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