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Say Anything : is a Real Boy...was a Real Boy

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An incredible album. If you've got a little bit of lyrical anger in your blood, just check it out. I'm not going name my "favorite songs" because everyone will like different songs for different reasons. You may have heard a few light hearted songs from them or the radio, but if you've got a few drinks in you and you're a pissed off college kid, just We'll start with this one : Link
Just overall incredible stuff... the whole damn album. Also, if you like indie and unsigned bands, listen to my band! Link I love all our stuff, but as far as released stuff my alltime favorite song right now is "So Let's Just Say Goodbye".
If you guys like our music let me know, we have a full CD for free and I have no problem sending it out to anyone whos willing to listen ha!

Tom =]
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