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Upon completing a lifetime of service to god, 3 nuns find themselves standing at the pearly gates, talking with St. Peter.

"Sisters", "for your service and celebacy to god, you will be rewarded with the chance to live 1 week, on earth, as any women you wish."

The first nun said, "St Peter, pleasa, I would love to live ona week asa Madonna, she is so bueatiful, and so popular. She can hava any man she wants."

Poof the first nun was living la vida loca as Madonna. Getting as much action as she wanted.

The second nun Said, "St Peter, I wish to be a Jennifer Lopez, please, her assa, itsa so biga. And Ben Affleck, whata man. Please, just one week as Jennifer Lopez.

Poof, She's Jenny from the block for one week.

The 3rd nun came up to St. Peter, and St. Peter asked her the same question. "My sister, who would you like to live as for one week?" The nun thought for a second and then said. "Sarah Pipelina" Confused St. Peter looked and said, who? The nun said "Sarah Pipelina, Please sir, Sarah Pipelina, I woulda like to liva as her for just ona week.

At this point St. Peter is getting confused and fairly angry. "Look Lady, see that line, speed it up. Who the F&^k is Sarah Pipelina,?" Without any hesitation, the nun pulled out a Newspaper, and showed St. Peter. St. Peter looked at the nun and started laughing and said,

"Lady, you can't read worth shit, It says "Sierra Pipeline, Layed by 400 men in 7 days."."
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