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East of sweden is offering a special today oct29th 09 only for brand new SAAB OEM, Genune SAAB fule pumps for $300.00 each pluss shipping. These fule pumps fit all 9-5s 99-05 part# 30587077. With slight modifications this pump will also fit all N900s 94-98, 9000 94-98, and 9-3 99-02. This add is for the complete fule pump including housing, filter, and Float for the 9-5. Fule pumps on these cars can go out at any time with no warning dont let yourself be stuck paying $558.00 for the same pump when yours decides to go. Get one now and keep it for a backup or to replace your own. This is an OEM Genuine SAAB fule pump not a Scantec cheaper aftermarket one. If you want one give me a call at (303)410-9766



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