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Saabsport Exhaust, $200 obo at SOC

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It's a saabsport exhaust.

You can pick it up at Saab Owners Convention.

$200 or best offer.

I may help install it if you car isn't rusted to shit. Comes with 2 clamps, hopefully one of yours will still work.
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Got pics? Ill buy it n pay for shipping to canada. I'm about to get a custom exhaust for 600 so u could save me some cash!
Exhaust was delivered to its new owner near Charlottesville VA.

i live in central va and would be willing to come get it. im only an hour and a half away would it fit a 9-3 is so i will take it!

lol nm i went with my friend to get it lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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