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I live in Rigaud, Quebec (30 minutes south of montreal) and i have 2 parts cars that need to be gone by next saturday. one is manual, the other is auto. the manual has been ripped apart of all the easy bolt on stuff, the leather inside is in real decent shape, there are PLENTY of parts to be had, I have everything to make the car run, most of it is off and in great shape, the turbo isnt the best on it, but the engine is good. 185 000 km's. free. GOOD FOR LEATHER, ENGINE, CERTAIN PARTS. The auto has a VERY decent motor in it, hasnt been run for a couple of years, it is torn the HELL apart, its only good for the engine and turbo system. rad is decent, ECU works, couple of doors and the hatch are decent, everything else is trashed to hell. come and get it. --PERFECT TURBO--, PERFECT ENGINE, RAD IS GOOD, that is all.

Also a set of RARE Saab 16' wheels with winter tires on them, decent tread, i'd sell them somewhere else but the bolt pattern is very rare. 4X108

E-mail me soon! they are gone and cubed in one week! you dont even have to tell me, just get the truck there and take it away even if no one is home. garage is empty anyways lol
FREE (unless you're generous, i just dont want perfect things going to waste!)

Oh yea, 2 extra ECU's as well, i think one is fried, but FREE

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