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Saab runs 11.3 at Pinks All Out-makes field

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We busted ass on the car to get it ready for Pinks all out, car was running very good, we ran our personal best of 11.3 at 133mph, got some attention, got an interview with Wille B and got some good attention. We ended up knocking out this first run in the video, Corvette Z-06, worked and got a spot in the finals, the top 32 to run off for the 25k in prizes, we could not believe it and were very excited.

Second run is a long time local rivalary between an old school modified Sonet, rwd with auto tranny and ford 9" rear end and the new school Saab ng900. We got a good RT on that run, .063 and ran our personal best of 11.3 at 133mph.

So, we made the top 32 field on Pinks All Out in Denver, had to yell out when they called my car number, producer requirement :) Talked to the crew and then went on to race for the big money. We then ended up in a situation where if we ran fast enough to win the race and advance, we could not pass the ET tech 11.49, no cage :-( If we ran slow enough to be legal, 11.50, we would lose the race and be sent home anyway.

We got kicked out for being too fast on Pinks All Out :)

Here is the video, not best, but at least you can see the board :)

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omg ....... pure awesome !!!! congrads!!!!!!
when is it going to be on tv
Getting kicked out for being too fast is the best outcome anyway. I hate when I see people taking it easy when they know they're too fast, but knowing the cost of a coog roll cage I can kinda understand it. Well done!
Awesome, John. Can't wait to see this on TV.
Vette killer, nice work John
awesome John! been watching pinks all out for years and always dreamed of a saab smackin some muscle around on that show! congrats!!
So sweet. :) I love the announcer, "Hey, watch this little Saab." "watch that Saab! WATCH THE SAAB!"
That is so awesome, I will keep myself glued to Speed in the hopes that I can catch you going down the track on TV! Congratulations John, that is a well deserved spot in the limelight and hopefully a sign of great things to come.
Congrats, I bet that was fun as hell.
That was really impressive. Way to own the Vette;)
you rock!
What a roller coaster ride, we busted [email protected]@ for 4 days, just got it finished, car was running great, little too good, thought we were out because we ran 11.6 with a missed shift on Friday, then a 11.3 on Saturday morning, then the Vette on the last run at 11.4 and thought we were not consistant enough.

They had the drivers come down to the track, it was so sticky I would come out of my Vans if I tried to walk, they annouced my car number and I was in shock, could not believe it, we were almost going to leave and not even make the last run, but they decided to run the floating minimum, it was 11.7 when we ran against the Vette. Did the interview after getting picked, guys were yelling and going nuts and I was just too tired and beat and talked in a monatone voice, "we are very excited to be here, etc.

I was very nervous, had not been in a competition like this since my plyon racing days and had the butterflies rolling around in my stomach. We were in a state of shock, got the car ready and lined up on the line. Then it came, the warning from the track, run too fast and you are out. Rich and Wille B. keep saying the number 1 rule of Pinks ALL Out is to run all out and no sandbagging. We decide we cannot sand bag and since we will be all out and too fast, elimination is the only way this can play out.

So, its bitter sweat, ran really good, got picked for the top 32 and seemed to have a real shot at winning, they were pumping imports all day at the track and Rich said he had lots of complaints about them having no imports and it seemed as though they were really impressed with the Saab and it seemed like it was one of those days were everything was working and I could do no wrong. I felt like I was on my game and was going to tree or arm-drop the competition and get deep into the contest.

We then realized there was no way to advance without the roll bar or cage and that it was in a sense all over before it even got started...

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Wow soo cool congrats on having a complete sleeper even the announcer seemed to be a lil weirded out by haha
Nicely done John, congratulations! So are you going to put a roll cage in? Let us know when it's going to be on TV.
congrats, john!! that's just awesome! someone tivo this episode and post in on youtube incase some of us miss it.
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