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Theres a guy down near San Diego who has these 2 cars on his lot... he will not part out but sell complete cars
he has mechanic lein sale on both cars..

He also have over 35 classic 900 cars there for parting out...

They are both over 150k...

I already asked to part them since I wouldnt mind have a set of airflow bumpers but he will not

both whale tail airflow bumpers are cracked
whale tail rubber is show with mulitple rips

one is a 900s 1991 900 5 speed
1987 900 turbo 5 speed

I am not selling these just showing what i have found if anybody wants to buy this car whole i'll give you his number thanks!

1987 turbo------

1991 900 s


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he said he is taking offers as of now 900.00 each
$900 isn't bad at all for an airflow, especially if it's a turbo considering the additional parts one could sell. Figure that, in parts alone, you'd be looking at the following values for just the airflow kit alone:

Front bumper- $250-400
Rear bumper- $200-300+
Whaletail, if salvageable- $200-300
Fender flares- $150+
Twin pipe exhaust, which I can clearly see on one car- $100+
Airflow vent covers- $50+
SPG wheels- $150

After that stuff, you still have good value stuff too like headlights, tail lights, motor (if turbo), AMM, Intercooler, piping, seats (if not trash), interior electronics, etc, etc.

Best thing yet is that you could probably get $150-300 alone for junking the shell once it's all scrapped. In essence, you could probably make $500+ parting non-airflow parts and junking the car, meaning you'd have some rare airflow parts for next to nothing. Somebody out there needs to snatch one of the cars up fast. You can easily strip one in less than one day. Too bad I don't live in California!
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