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Saab 9000 died and won't start

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1994 Saab 9000 CSE turbo with 175k miles. Driving along at 35 mph on a local road, all of a sudden engine dies. I pull over and try to start: it cranks, but no cigar. Walking around, I notice a nicely massive coolant leak. What I want to know is, how badly is it damaged. Does not starting mean I've blown a gasket? Could it be just the water pump? I am clueless, and would appreciate any answers.
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Water pump wouldn't cause the car to not start. Did you start to over heat or was it just all of a sudden? Did you check your oil/coolant? If you did blow a headgasket you are gona have either coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant. It could be that both problems aren't related too
It could be that both problems aren't related too
swap in a known good DIC to rule that out?
The car didn't overheat, it just happened all of a sudden :confused: Oil change was due in 1000 miles. The radiator had been having some issues, leaking coolant and such, but had been fixed. A hose had fallen loose, leading to the leak. Would such a leak prevent the car from starting though? I'm guessing its a gasket or something major :-? I'll know more when I talk to the mechanic tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath though, I think it's done for.
i'm certainly no interwebz diagnostician but i'd bet on a DIC or fuel pump. if it didn't overheat and grenade, a HG shouldn't cause a sudden shutdown like that.
Crank position sensor is also a possibility.
There is insufficient information to answer the question.
There is insufficient information to answer the question.
Agreed - you are going to have to play doctor and tell us more.

Currently - do you have a spare DI unit to swap on and see if it starts? Do you have a means to check for Fuel Pressure? Can you hear the pump prime when you lay beneath as a friend turns the key to "on" - then cranking does it hum? Sounds like either a spark or fuel problem... crank sensor also does control these... Time to diag!
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