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going down the street i had this type s pull up next to me with its nice big wing and cf hood. we both had our windows down and we exchanged compliments on each others cars and asked if i wanted to run him
i told him my car was not running right but i still agreed to
he laughed and said "ya ok, not running right, uhuh*"
so it was obvious he thought i was making excuses because he thought that i thought i would lose
though i was being dead honest

i dropped it into second at bout 40 and waited for him to give the signal
well it happened to be that his signal was him flooring it
he got the jump on me and then guess what happend

that seriously was the loudest vtech ive heard out of any honda/acura ive gone up against. and ive been next to plenty hondas with vtech-killer cams and cams of the same nature

but it still wasnt enough against my, only 15psi running and off timing, stage4 (ya i need to install my helper spring on my wg and the timing needs to be advanced, i think)

pulled away hard and made sure i got the blow off just as i was next to him

at the next pit he asked me if i boosted my saab (thinking in my head, 'ya the last setup i did') i told him that most saabs come stock with a turbo and that mine is not stock
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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