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Replacing ball joints

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How exactly do I pop the ball joint off from the hub? Ive never messed with them on a 9k so a little input/direction would be nice; tia.
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if your replacing using a pickle fork and large hammer. then 3 bolts hold it into the subframe.

if you bought the joints from eeuro i suggest going to a hardware store and getting good grade 8 hardware. few years ago there were multiple people who suffered sheered bolts on one of the ones available from eeuro.
I got the bilstien ones from eeuro with the bolts; I know about the three on the subframe but how do I detach it from the hub?
theres a plainly visible nut on the top of it...
okay; I checked the hardware that came with them and it was all grade 8 hardware so I think Ill be fine
Saab 9000 lower ball joints are the very easiest I've ever encountered.
Ball joint is held onto the controll arm by 3 bolts.
Ball joint shaft inserts into the 9000 Hub and is held in by a Pinch bolt, remove it completely (no taper PITA to deal with)
OEM ones used to have a Circlip on the shaft top that needs removing first. Some after market ones don't bother (cheaper?to make ?) Simply pry open the split bore by taping a screwdriver head into the slot opening the bore a wee bit and the ball joint should fall out/down.
okay; I checked the hardware that came with them and it was all grade 8 hardware so I think Ill be fine
Not all grade 8.8 high-tensile fasteners are as they seem. I bought some M8 parts from a local hardware outlet some time back and they failed at quite low torque when installed with new ball joints on my 9k. Chinese made of course. They were clearly marked with '8.8' and the package said they were high-tensile. They weren't. Took them back and got a refund.

Fortunately I saved the original hardware and just re-used it even though it was quite rusty. Cleaned it up with degreaser and wire-brushing.

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