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Replacing 9000 cooling fan w one from an NG?

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Wondering if anyone knows first hand if I can do this?
My 93 9000 CS has a two speed cooling fan which is flaky. I have access to a cheap NG 900 cooling fan, which I presume is a 2 speed also. If the mounting points for the housing/shroud assembly are the same, is there anything preventing me from doing the swap? Another assumption is that the NG fan assembly comes built w the resistor, just like the one on my 9000.
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I was under the assumption that the fan shroud is significantly different (wider) on the NG I have replaced many 9000 fans and have looked at ng900s at the junkyards and they seemed alot different.

Not saying it wouldn't work, the ng900 fan shroud just seemed way wider than the 9k fan.
The fans are very different. Without extensive modification there is no way they would fit.
^^^ and the 9000 fan is far more reliable then an ng900 unit.... why replace decent with crap?
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