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Replacement Hatch Glass

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Does anyone know if its possible to get replacement hatch glass?

I went today to get my car tinted and the guy told me that he couldn't pull off the old tint from the hatch window because the strips for the defogger would have been damaged.

He advised me(like all good automotive people do) to break the glass and get it replaced through insurance. Then to go back to him to get it tinted. I've got no problem with this, just... these things still exist? For a 20 year old car?
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gotta be out there somewhere. Pricing through a glass co. will be crazy. Had a tree branch break the rear glass in my mom's 05 9-5 and the quote was just shy of 1k. Got a glass deductible on your insurance policy? If you peel the old tint carefully, using a solvent to loosen/break up the adhesive you can probably get the old tint off without messing up the defroster. It will really suck to do though
Call the glass replacement that insurance company uses
The rear hatch glass popes out and back in with little effort, Remove the rear Chanel trim and get yourself some string and soap, & some plastic window spoons. Don't go breaking things like a Spoiled child. Just go get a used one. Its to easy, I've taken the back glass out and just gone cruising around in the summer with the windows down. Its a totally different car when the Air exits the hatch through the Giant hole in the back. Try it out, have the Rare experience few Saab owners ever discover.
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