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So, as some of us know, 1990 seat belts are a pain, because they are specific to that model year only, and tend to break a lot, so they are hard to find.

Not a problem!

They are actually repairable with a donor buckle.

All you need, is another seat belt buckle of the same style, could be from the backseat, or another car, or whatever you want. Pretty sure the later style are a similar buckle just different mounting. I'm not sure what I used to do this, because it was just a buckle sitting in a box at my uncle's garage, which had different mounting. Probably a 91+, but I don't know.

So what you do, is just take apart a buckle, and transfer over the plastic bits to the metal frame on the broken one, and you're golden.

DISCLAIMER - this an important piece of safety equipment. If you don't do it right, you might die. That said, if it works, it works...

So, start by taking all the plastic off of the broken buckle. I would recommend trying to keep the pieces intact, in case you break the same piece on the donor buckle removing or installing it.

You will be left with a metal frame.

Take the donor buckle. Throughout the process be careful and don't force anything, as some of these plastic bits will break if you breathe on them wrong. Also, I'm doing this from memory from Monday, so I may have forgotten a piece.

- Pop off the black plastic outer shell using a flat head screwdriver in the end where the mounting metal cord exits. Hopefully most of the little plastic nubs do not break off, but you will be gluing this back on so it is not terribly important.

- Take note of how it all goes together, where the spring is, the metal rods, etc. Note how the black plastic slider on the back side of the buckle goes.

- Note how the translucent green plastic piece is holding the black piece with the orange button in place with two little nubs. Pinch these two nubs together, so that the black arm can swing past them away from the top of the frame.

- Slide out the 'metal colored' rod, and then slide off the green piece. This green piece is quite fragile.

- Take off the big black piece with the orange button by pulling outwards on the two pivot points and removing from their guides. Again, fragile.

- Take off the black rod, and the spring and the slider.

Installation is the reverse of removal. The only tricky part is getting the spring to stay in place on the black slider and the black with orange button piece while you get the rest of it in place. Once it's all together you can test it gently before putting on the case to make sure it is correct.

Put together the case around it with a little 5 minute epoxy, and hold together with a rubber band until it dries. Test it like 20 times just to be sure.

And, done!

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stupid 900-n00b ?

I have a 1988 with the annoying 2-piece seatbelts. I think I heard these were 1988 + 1989 only.

Is it easy(er) to upgrade to >87 seatbelts or 1990+?

LOVE my 99 seatbelts but not sure how i could swap those in :)
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